6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rancho

We have a lot of repeat guests at the Rancho, but even those who visit often probably don’t know these fun facts about our little piece of heaven:

  1. Ursula (Uschi) Wiprächtiger originally started building Rancho Las Cascadas as her vacation home.  But Uschi has a passion for building, so her simple hideaway kept growing and growing.  She says that she gave birth to an elephant and then needed to find a way to feed it!  So in 2002, she bought a few horses (including Alessio, Machete and Picasso)and started charging people to ride.
  2. The Rancho likes to keep a herd of at least 35 horses.  However, that number fluctuates as horses retire and other high-quality horses are found.
  3. The Rancho trucks in an average of 200 gallons of water every day to replenish the supply for the guests, horses, swimming pool, fish ponds, and kitchen.  When the Rancho is really busy, they may have water delivered three times in one day!  All of the water is solar heated.
  4. There are 18 full-time staff members at the Rancho.  Lalo, the general manager, has been working for the Rancho since it opened in 2002.
  5. The Rancho’s oldest horse is named Tango.  He is 29 years old.  The youngest, Amigo, is only 4.
  6. Uschi’s favorite flower is the Bugambilia.  You will see these beautiful pink flowers all over the Rancho.
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