7 Fun Facts: Who Visits The Rancho?

We get a lot of questions about our guests at the Rancho.  Here are just a few interesting tidbits to help you get an idea of who visits the Rancho.

  1. 40% of our guests are from Europe; 60% are from the United States and Canada.
  2. 45% of our guests are females traveling by themselves.
  3. Our busiest months are December and March because many people have vacation during this time (Christmas and Spring Break) and they want to escape to a warmer climate.
  4. Not all of our guests ride – 12% just come to relax and explore the real
  5. The youngest rider we ever had was only 18 months old. Our oldest rider ever took her last ride with us; she was 98 years old and she did it bareback!
  6. 50% of our guests enjoy at least one spa service while visiting.
  7. Our most popular excursion is the Friday market in Jilotepec. Almost 80% of all guests explore the market with us.
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