At Home In Your Body

An overview of human and animal chiropractic with John T. Emerson, DC

Doctor John T. Emerson is a trained human and animal chiropractic healer currently based at Rancho Las Cascadas where he is spending two months treating horses, guests, staff and the odd sweet birds that may fly across his path.

On meeting Dr. Emerson you will find that his gentle nature and path to healing fits naturally into the ethos of the Rancho – horses, nature, yoga, and the Mexican spirit.

An American originally from Nashville Tennessee with a practice based in San Miguel de Allende, he began his training in San Francisco in 1995. It was during his studies then that he also happened upon animal chiropractic, through taking his cat to a holistic veterinarian. The animal chiropractor he met turned out to be an inspirational figure and one of the world’s best chiropractors treating all manner of animals including killer whale Shamu at Sea World. It wasn’t until many years later of human chiropractic that he eventually trained in animals in Texas and has never looked back. “Horses and humans are both the same, except horses have four legs and we have two in relationship to gravity,” he says. “It’s all about functioning for anything with a nervous system and a life force!”

But when Dr. Emerson describes functioning however, it’s a principal that works on many levels – it’s not just the physical it’s about how you function in your whole life too – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and what you put into your body.

There is a common misconception of chiropractic that it’s seen simply as a treatment for back pain, but surprisingly the profession actually started as a spiritual profession – based on connecting the nerve system with all the other systems, that in turn treats the functional too. “It’s like plugging your body into a power circuit. Your body knows how to turn the power on once properly connected,” explains Dr. Emerson.

For the spiritually minded it means connecting the intelligence of the universe with the innate intelligence of our bodies – together healing itself naturally. “Our bodies have a force inside of them that doesn’t work unless you plug them in,” he adds. “This is what chiropractic stands for, it’s about the power of life.”

“The more open you are to the idea of treatment the more successful the treatment will be.”

Having treated people from a variety of cultures, and also a variety of animals, Dr. Emerson believes that when people are living naturally from their heart, are open and accepting, they have a transformative result. “When there’s more of a natural flow, it’s amazing how much faster they heal,” he says. Which is why he enjoys treating animals so much. “They don’t question the treatment, they accept it and respond to it greatly.”

In Dr. Emerson’s opinion everyone and everything should get adjusted. The reason being is because you are dealing with your all-over body health. “It’s your central nerve system that both organizes and created your whole body, and in turn has the answers to heal you. So when you release the forces in your spine, your body will function on a much higher level. Overall you take fewer drugs, go to the hospital less, require fewer vaccinations, and live a happier more natural lifestyle. It’s natural healing.”

“Chiropractic is really about prevention as well and thereby a healthier life.  Of course, if you have an issue it’s good to come also.” With this in mind he recommends to get adjusted before you ride the horses at the Rancho in order to ‘clear your system out’ and make the most of your riding. Equally for yoga, the treatment allows you to increase your limits of your capabilities, which is a principle acknowledged by many great yoga teachers for years. “Basically adjust first then live the life you want to,” adds Dr. Emerson. “Honor your body’s intelligence.”

“Chiropractic is about life, not back pain. There’s no better way of explaining it than with the story of two little birds the staff found here at the Rancho the other day. They were dying, having repeatedly hit a window on their flight path; but after giving them a couple of adjustments, one of them stopped bleeding from the mouth and after resting in a tree for less than ten minutes, they both flew away.”

Those two little birds are such a wonderful expression of how chiropractic can give life and is in tune with nature and the natural body. “You really find yourself at home in your body,” he adds.

Dr. John T. Emerson will be at Rancho Las Cascadas full time until June 16, 2017 and then visiting monthly where he will be able to carry out treatments on guests, their dogs, and of course the Rancho’s wonderful horses.

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