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The Golden Eagle: National Bird of Mexico

When you visit the Rancho you will discover an incredible range of birds out on the rides, and the eagle is just one of those magnificent species. The eagle is North America’s largest bird of prey and rather importantly, the Golden Eagle is the national bird of Mexico. The birds are dark brown in colour, ...

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Is it possible to carry a piece of happiness home?

My last afternoon at the Rancho was overcast. ‘Strange weather,’ the manager Jenny said. ‘It’s never like this.’ The only other guest didn’t feel like riding. It was just me. At the corral, I looked for Carlos, the intelligent ex-software developer, who had re-trained as a wrangler. Along with Miguel – a sparky, young speed-demon ...

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March 29 – April 02, 2017
Horses: Elixir for the Soul

MANUELA STEFAN OF ‘GRACEFUL HORSES’ PRESENT: "HORSES:   ELIXIR FOR THE SOUL" A GROUNDING AND CONNECTING JOURNEY WITH THE HELP OF THE HERD MARCH 17-21, 2017 (few spots left)          MARCH 23-27, 2017         MARCH 29-APRIL 2, 2017 A Transformative Experience Join us at the Rancho for a magical, soul-enriching ...

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Staff Spotlight: Mayte

Position:  Evening Cook What are your general responsibilities as Evening Cook?  I am responsible for all of the dinner preparations every evening, including cooking the four-course dinner.  Estella helps me. When did you start at the Rancho?  October 2008 What is the first thing you do when you start work each day?  I review the ...

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Diego Rivera – Mexico City Mural Trail

Diego Rivera is one of Mexico’s most famous painters. He rebelled against the traditional school of painting and created a way of working that combined historical, social and political ideas - allowing him to reflect the cultural changes at that time in Mexico and the rest of the world. Many of his murals can be ...

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Building Bonds

At Rancho Las Cascadas, we believe riding is therapeutic and, with proper instruction, even beginners can experience a transformation of sorts as they shed the stress of daily life and become one with a horse. A strong bond between horse and rider is not uncommon at the Rancho, although its manifestation varies from guest to ...

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