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The Most Common Questions Guests Ask About Our Horses

More than 1500 guests visit the Rancho every year and they all seem to have the same questions about our horses.  Here are the most common and our responses to them. How many horses does the Rancho have? The number at the Rancho varies throughout the year, but we generally keep about 35. What horse ...

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The Rancho Is More Than Riding

Did you know that Rancho Las Cascadas hosts a lot more than holiday thrill seekers? Yes, our guests come from all over the world for a premiere horseback riding experience and to relax in the beautiful surroundings, but there are various reasons why others come as well. The Rancho hosts all sorts of different events ...

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Melvin’s Account of the Writing Workshop

That's the end of my first week at the Rancho done. The Mexican Creative Writing Workshop I tutored with my friend Lucy Christopher went pretty well. It was a small group, which meant we were able to spend more time with students and tailor the course to their needs. Everyone bonded so well - I ...

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Creative Writing Retreat Success!

On November 12th 2016 at 5.30pm the inaugural Creative Writing Retreat at Rancho Las Cascadas began …. with a cocktail making class. Might as well start with one of the most important tutorials, I reasoned - there would be plenty more writing and hard work to follow! As Lydia, volunteer-extraordinaire, demonstrated how the Margaritas were ...

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Choosing the Right Sombrero

When you hear the word sombrero the first thing you might think of is the wide-brimmed pointy hat so commonly painted on dinner plates and other gifts in Mexico. Perhaps even worn by the famous cartoon mouse all those years ago. However the word sombrero actually simply describes hat. The pointy wide-brimmed varieties are not ...

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November 12 – 19, 2016
“Creative Writing Retreat for young People”

Join award-winning, bestselling and groundbreaking authors MELVIN BURGESS and LUCY CHRISTOPHER in discovering what it takes to write new and original fiction for a younger audience. Fiction for young people often uses wild places and natural settings in innovative and evocative ways. What better place to explore this powerful combination than in the beautiful and ...

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10 Fascinating Things About Horses

Whether you are new to horseback riding or have been doing it for a lifetime, we thought you'd find these facts about horses extremely interesting: Horses can only breathe through their noses. Even though horses have the largest eyes of all land mammals, they depend more on their sense of smell than on their vision. ...

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2017 Day of the Dead: A Profound Experience

We've just finished another amazing Day of the Dead celebration at the Rancho. On Monday night, our guests helped to decorate our alter and placed offerings to their loved ones on it. We shared a special six-course, themed dinner on Tuesday night. All the plates were red or orange to maintain the holiday spirit, so ...

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