Beginner Riders Love The Rancho

I’m not a horse rider. I never have been. For that reason I never thought that Rancho Las Cascadas would be the place I always dream of returning to, yet somehow it always is.

Perhaps it was the friendly greeting, the beautifully prepared home cooked meals, the luxury hot tub or just being in Authentic, untouched Mexico riding horses through the desert like a true cowboy how one would always imagine. There’s simply no place like the Rancho.

As a city slicker, it was such a welcome relief to meet Versace, my trusty horse for beginners. While others cantered and galloped their way around the highlands and desert plains on more advanced horses and trails, my wife and I took the slow way around, constantly captivated by the natural settings surrounding the ranch. When the day’s activities were over, the Tequila never tasted sweeter – especially during a game of pool, something city slickers and cowboys can bond over. When it was time for the night’s siesta, the rooms were beautiful, spacious and reflective of the authentic culture. Oh and the beautifully prepared meals? Muy bien!

If you’ve ever wanted to escape the world as you know it, transporting yourself back into time, with all the luxury and amenities one could hope for in the modern world, there’s simply no other place to be. If you love horses, it’s only a plus. Rancho Las Cascadas is one of a kind. It’s the most comfortable place I’ve ever been.

— Gilbert Ott
Entry in the RLC Photo Contest 2016

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