Bird Watching At The Rancho

While riding the open range or relaxing by the pool at Rancho Las Cascadas, you’re bound to see some amazingly beautiful birds that are not as common in other areas of the world. Many of our guests ask us about these beautiful specimens, so we thought we would share a few tidbits so you can recognize them when you see them.

There are three types of hummingbirds that you may see while lounging around the Rancho.

broad billed hummingbirdBroad-billed Hummingbirds (Cynanthus latirostris) have a bright red bill with a black tip. The adult males have metallic green bodies, vibrant blue throats, white undertail coverts and black forked tails. The adult females have metallic green upper parts and grayish throats and undersides and a distinguishing thin white spot behind the eye.

Emerald-chinned hummingbirdThe Emerald-chinned Hummingbirds (Abeillia abeillei) is a small hummingbird with a relatively short, straight bill and a short, broad tail. The upperparts of the male are green, with a prominent white postocular spot. The chin and upper throat are glittering green; the lower throat is blackish. The underparts of the male otherwise are dusky green. The female is green above, and also has a prominent white postocular spot; the underparts are mostly white, with green mottling on the flanks.

220px-Green_Violetear_JCBThe Green Violetear Hummingbirds (Colibri thalassinus) is a medium-sized hummingbird, with a straight, black bill. The plumage primarily is iridescent green, with a patch of violet on the sides of the head. The rectrices are greenish blue, with a blackish band near the tip.

Great Egret

Great Egret m17-70-219_VWhile riding near the ponds and lakes, you’re bound to see this elegant pájaro (Spanish for bird). Great Egrets are tall, long-legged wading birds with long, S-curved necks and long, dagger-like bills. All of their feathers are white, their bills are yellowish-orange, and their legs are black.

Vermilion Flycatcher

vermilion-flycatcher3Many guests are captivated by the bright red Vermilion Flycatchers they see perched on the cactus throughout the countryside. They have gray-black upperparts and scarlet-red crown, throat, and underparts. The face includes a thick, black eye-line on. Their wings and tail are gray-black; their tails have a thin white tip. Females have gray-brown upperparts, white underparts with brown streaks, and a light to dark salmon colored belly and vent.



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