Building Bonds

At Rancho Las Cascadas, we believe riding is therapeutic and, with proper instruction, even beginners can experience a transformation of sorts as they shed the stress of daily life and become one with a horse. A strong bond between horse and rider is not uncommon at the Rancho, although its manifestation varies from guest to guest.

One way to enhance a rider/horse connection is through grooming. Many find it as peaceful and enjoyable as the ride itself. It’s an opportunity to spend quiet time together, getting to know each other’s personality and building trust. Guests at the Rancho are welcome to brush their horses and comb their manes and tails. Simply show up to the paddock thirty minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Treats are also a great way get on a horse’s good side! Guests are welcome to bring peppermints or sugar cubes from home and offer them to our horses before heading out. They also love carrots, apples and other fruit that can be purchased at the local markets when passing through. Bags of unrefined sugar cubes can be purchased for 50 pesos each at the Rancho. Our horses love them…and anyone bearing the delectable nibbles! Look for them under the bar in the Main House.

Proceeds from our horse snacks go directly to Por Amor, a local charity that helps special needs children and the elderly. The organization offers food, medicine, medical supplies, and medical treatments (like dialysis and chemotherapy) to those who cannot afford it. At the Rancho, we are proud of the fact that our horses help guests reduce stress and find a little peace of mind. Our guests, in turn, do the same for our neighbors in need by simply bonding with their horses.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our horse treats. Over the last two years, we have donated over 12,000 pesos to Por Amor.

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