Earthquakes In Mexico: What, Why and Your Visit!

More Earthquakes in Mexico September 19, 2017 Yesterday more earthquakes in Mexico rocked the central state of Puebla and part of the nation's capital, Mexico City.  The largest of the day occurred just after lunch local time. Close to Puebla it registered a magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale. Seismologist John Vidale, director of ...

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We Have Some Great News to Share with YOU!

New logo. New offerings. Same great ranch with all the sweet adventures you know and love. ----- Uschi - Ursula Wiprächtiger San Augustin, Mexico, August, 2017. I'm so excited to tell you about what's been happening with the ranch! Lately I have been on my own path towards better fitness, creating more serenity and finding ...

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Staff Spotlight: Mayte

Position:  Evening Cook What are your general responsibilities as Evening Cook?  I am responsible for all of the dinner preparations every evening, including cooking the four-course dinner.  Estella helps me. When did you start at the Rancho?  October 2008 What is the first thing you do when you start work each day?  I review the ...

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The Magic of the Rancho

I can't believe another year has passed so quickly. We had a wonderful 2016, welcoming many new guests and returning friends. We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements. We hosted weddings, retreats, missionaries, and seminars. And of course, we crafted vacations of a lifetime for guests from around the world. We thank each of you from ...

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The Animal Staff Plays An Important Role At The Rancho

It's a animal lover's paradise at the Rancho. The horses are magnificent and it's easy to get up close and personal with oxen, cattle, sheep, goats and so much more when riding in the open countryside. But the real joy comes upon return to the Rancho when bodies are tired and hearts are missing furry ...

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Staff Spotlight: German

Position:  Wrangler/Barn Manager What are your responsibilities as Barn Manager?  I am in charge of the horses' health at the Rancho. I give daily medicines when needed and treat any wounds that may appear. When did you start at the Rancho? February 2014 Past positions at the Rancho:  I started in maintenance but moved into the wrangler position ...

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A Day In The Life Of Our Rancho Wranglers

It may seem like our wranglers have the perfect job:  riding horses all day long.  But let us assure you, there is more to their day than just riding the open range.  They are responsible for the care and safety of every horse and every rider from early morning to late night.  If you've ever ...

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A Mid-Year Recap From the Owner

Uschi Wiprächtiger, OwnerRancho Las Cascadas & Mansion San Miguel We've had a banner year so far at Rancho Las Cascadas.  More friends than ever, old and new, have joined us from around the world.  We've recently had guests from Japan and have seen an influx of  visitors from Australia.  Word must really be ...

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