Wander the Streets of San Miguel de Allende

If you fancy taking a little break from riding at the Rancho, what better way to do it than in the cultural oasis of the quaint city of San Miguel. The cobbled streets, the Colonial and Spanish architecture and the cosmopolitan culture beckons you to wander around the streets for hours in the same laid-back ...

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A Feast Of All The Senses In Tepoztlán

Whether you're taking a trip from the Rancho or a break from Mexico City, Tepoztlán is certainly a direction worth heading in. As you drive up towards Tepoztlán, the first thing you can't help but notice are the soaring jagged cliffs that surround the small town. These huge cliffs form a majestic backdrop to the ...

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Teotihuacan: The City of the Gods

Every Tuesday at the Rancho we escort guests to Teotihuacan, an incredible archeological site located 48 kilometers (about 30 miles) northeast of Mexico City that preserves the remains of one of the most important and largest civilizations in Mesoamerica.  The "City of the Gods" is thought to have been established around 100 BC, becoming a ...

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We’ve all heard of the Aztec and the Mayan cultures, but who were the Toltec?  After doing some checking, I learned that the Toltec culture dates from the 10th to the 12th centuries; these indigenous people migrated from northwestern the Mexican deserts to the Valley of Mexico and built their capital city, Tula (originally Tollán), ...

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Frida Kahlo’s Blue House

Interested in learning more about a fascinating woman and well-known artist? My day trip to Frida Kahlo's Blue House in Mexico City, while staying at Rancho Las Cascadas, allowed me to check off one more “must see” on my bucket list. Situated in the tree and flower-lined district of Coyoacan, Frida's birthplace is, indeed, the deep, ...

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Make Plans To See The Migration Of The Monarch Butterflies!

It gets too cold in the United States for the Monarch butterflies, so every year around October hundreds of millions of them head south.  They migrate up to 3,000 miles to hibernate in oyamel fir trees of the Mexican forests.   In the middle of February, when temperatures rise, they begin mating and feeding off flower ...

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