Cowboy Tales

Guests who stay at the Rancho definitely aren't "roughing it".  The food, accommodations, amenities and spa services are all top notch. While guests may get a little dirty riding the open range, our staff does everything in its power to make sure everyone's stay is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. But what would a ...

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Is it possible to carry a piece of happiness home?

My last afternoon at the Rancho was overcast. ‘Strange weather,’ the manager Jenny said. ‘It’s never like this.’ The only other guest didn’t feel like riding. It was just me. At the corral, I looked for Carlos, the intelligent ex-software developer, who had re-trained as a wrangler. Along with Miguel – a sparky, young speed-demon ...

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Feeling Your Way Into Riding & Writing

Riding a horse and writing a story have so much in common. It comes down to two very similar words – flow and feel. When you’re riding a horse, especially if you’re doing intricate movements in dressage or flatwork, you can’t always know if the horse below you is doing the right things. Instead, you ...

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