Feeling Your Way Into Riding & Writing

Riding a horse and writing a story have so much in common. It comes down to two very similar words – flow and feel. When you’re riding a horse, especially if you’re doing intricate movements in dressage or flatwork, you can’t always know if the horse below you is doing the right things. Instead, you ...

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Riding And Writing At The Rancho – The Perfect Combination!

I came to Rancho Las Cascadas by accident. I had been invited to speak at the Guadalajara International Bookfair and I was looking for somewhere idyllic to spend a few days afterwards. I wanted rejuvenation and a bit of ‘soul-time’. Perhaps a beachside yoga retreat would revive me out of my current writer’s block; perhaps ...

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Para Siempre Amor

“Rancho Las Cascadas!” she said. “It’s somewhere in the mountains of Mexico.” This was the first time I heard of the ranch and a woman named Uschi. My girlfriend, at the time, was looking for a place for us to go on vacation, which would be a horseback riding adventure.   Having been an experienced rider, ...

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A guest recalls the quiet peacefulness of riding at Rancho Las Cascadas.   I'm not really a city person. After a few hours in Mexico City your brain learns to tune out the constant buzz. The beehive hum of humans packed into a small space all hurrying and racing to live their lives. Your brain ...

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