Christmas Traditions In Mexico

Christmas Traditions In mexico Christmas traditions in Mexico are full of reverence and delight. They also highlight family and community through many fun filled and reverential gatherings. Most of all, they are especially fun for the children! As an integrated culture, Mexicans are particularly adept at combining aspects of various traditions into vibrant celebrations. December ...

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Chavela Vargas – A Trail Blazing Woman of Mexico

Chavela Vargas: A Colorful Character - Even by Mexican Standards! Chavela and Frida circa 1937. Photographer unknown. Chavela Vargas: you may be familiar or completely unaware of the name or the person. Her character remains one of the most colourful ever to have taken residence in Mexico. This is her story. Born ...

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“Those amazing birds with the red heads!”

The Vermilion Flycatcher Even for the most novice bird spotters, the Vermilion Flycatcher definitely can’t go unnoticed - the small bird (15cm long) with a brilliant red head is quite unmistakable. These colourings are unique to the male of the species, and coupled with its courtship behaviour, make it a Mexican marvel! The head, ...

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The Golden Eagle: National Bird of Mexico

When you visit the Rancho you will discover an incredible range of birds out on the rides, and the eagle is just one of those magnificent species. The eagle is North America’s largest bird of prey and rather importantly, the Golden Eagle is the national bird of Mexico. The birds are dark brown in colour, ...

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Chicle & The Mexican Origins of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum. That little pack of tasty stuff we carry around in our pockets. But did you know that chewing gum actually originated in Mexico? Chicle as it is commonly known in Mexico, began its life as a natural gum that comes from the Sapodilla tree. The latex these trees produce is a natural protective ...

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Fascinating Superstitions of Mexico

When you spend more time with local Mexican people you soon begin to realize how ingrained some superstitions and customs are in their everyday lives. These beliefs date back far into the rich Mexican history and culture and probably existed to help gain a sense of control over their lives no matter what might be ...

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Flowers of Summer: Dahlias

The National Flower of Mexico The Mexican summertime brings the beautiful Dahlias out in their full majestic bloom. They may be the official national flower of Mexico since 1963, but their history spans much further than this. In fact the first Dahlias were found and cultivated by the ancient Aztecs in the mountainous regions of ...

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When Planning A Trip To Rancho Las Cascadas (FAQs)

Never been to the Rancho before?  Well here are a few things you might want to know when planning and packing for your trip. Also, browse our website for information about the day trips and amenities we offer. If you still have questions, contact us (we're always on Skype!) and we'll do our best to help. Weather/Clothing All year ...

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