Experienced Riders Love What We Offer

We attract all levels of riders to the Rancho, so we have routes and horses to accommodate every ability and mood.  Many of our experienced riders return again and again because there is always something new to keep things fresh and exciting.  Here are just a few reasons they keep coming back: We gallop. ...

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What’s The Difference? Trot, Canter, Gallop…

Because the guests at the Rancho come from all over the world and practice different riding styles, there is sometimes confusion as to what is expected when the wranglers decide to change the pace of a ride.  Everyone seems to agree on walk but after that, disagreement abounds!  So here is our handy-dandy guide to ...

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No fences. No cars. No roads and no worries.

There’s an old Arab proverb that says, “The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears” and nowhere is that more evident to me than at Rancho Las Cascadas. Imagine cantering over the hills of central Mexico on a trusted steed with the wind blowing in your face and where the rapid ...

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Rancho Riding Versus American Western

The style of riding at Rancho Las Cascadas is not quite the same as other places in the world.  Although considered a Western style, the shorter reigns and charro saddle make a notable difference for those accustomed to riding American Western.  But don't fret!  Many consider Rancho riding much easier. The first thing riders might ...

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Horsemanship How-to: Sit the Canter Comfortably

No doubt about it, some horses have rough canters. There are several reasons for this disquieting trait, including poor conformation. A horse that’s built higher in the hindquarters than the front end gives the rider the sensation of perpetually traveling downhill. Underlying issues with unsoundness, like chronic arthritis, can also make the canter feel stilted ...

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Advanced Riders Love The Rancho

There's nothing like open-range riding; and there's nowhere better in the world to experience it than at Rancho Las Cascadas.  While riders of all ability levels enjoy the freedom of no fences, it's the advanced rider who understands just how special riding at the Rancho can be. It starts with the horses.  With a herd ...

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You Don’t Have To Know How To Ride!

Some might be surprised that a lot of first-time riders come to the Rancho for vacation.  Many of our guests simply have a love of animals, are interested in learning something new, or want to enjoy the surrounding area and beautiful climate.  In the last two weeks, we've had a lot of "newbies".  Let us ...

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What’s Your Pleasure?

Riding at Rancho Las Cascadas is always a treat.   Every day, guests can choose between a wide array of routes that tour through the beautiful Mexican countryside.  From a short, one-hour jaunt to an all-day adventure, there's a perfect ride for every ability...and every mood. Many guests are surprised by the varied landscape surrounding the ...

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15 Spanish Words To Know When Riding At The Rancho

You don't have to know Spanish when you visit the Rancho, but it's a great place to give it a go.  The staff and wranglers are great communicators.  They  might not all be fluent in English, but they know the basics and are very adept at reading body language (and situations) to figure out what ...

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