Mixing It Up: How We Retire Horses and Add To The Herd

Good Horses: How to Select, How To Retire Mixing It Up: How We Retire Horses and Add To The Herd There is always something new and exciting at the Rancho...even within the herd. The Rancho tries to keep approximately 35 good horses at all times, but throughout the year the lineup changes in order ...

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The Most Common Questions Guests Ask About Our Horses

More than 1500 guests visit the Rancho every year and they all seem to have the same questions about our horses.  Here are the most common and our responses to them. How many horses does the Rancho have? The number at the Rancho varies throughout the year, but we generally keep about 35. What horse ...

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10 Fascinating Things About Horses

Whether you are new to horseback riding or have been doing it for a lifetime, we thought you'd find these facts about horses extremely interesting: Horses can only breathe through their noses. Even though horses have the largest eyes of all land mammals, they depend more on their sense of smell than on their vision. ...

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Oh, To Be A Horse At The Rancho!

The horses at Rancho Las Cascadas are the envy of every horse owner in the Central Highlands of Mexico. They are superstar athletes that have been well-trained and conditioned for high performance. The locals recognize the horses as they roam through the various communities and have total respect for the amount of care it takes ...

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Horse Life: Dealing With The Elements

The Rancho sits in the Mexican highlands at an altitude of 7,500 feet (2,300 meters). This location allows visitors to enjoy the sun of Mexico without humidity and a great climate all year round. On average, the temperature is in the mid 70°s F (22°C) during the day with evenings in the chilly 50°sF (10°s ...

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A Day In The Life!

Having traveled west from the UK, I was awake before the cockerel could  remind the songbirds to begin the morning chorus.  I slipped from my bed covers and padded across the polished floor through cool fresh air to the window. Just the faintest paling in the sky lightened the deep blue of night. I snuggled ...

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Quarter Horses

This post is last in a series of three discussing the horse breeds we have at the Rancho.  Our mix of Criollo, Mestizo and Quarter Horses has proven to be a successful combination that has delighted and exhilarated our guests for years. Tango Picasso Armani Armani, Picasso and Tango ...

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