Creative Writing Retreat Success!

On November 12th 2016 at 5.30pm the inaugural Creative Writing Retreat at Rancho Las Cascadas began …. with a cocktail making class. Might as well start with one of the most important tutorials, I reasoned - there would be plenty more writing and hard work to follow! As Lydia, volunteer-extraordinaire, demonstrated how the Margaritas were ...

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November 12 – 19, 2016
“Creative Writing Retreat for young People”

Join award-winning, bestselling and groundbreaking authors MELVIN BURGESS and LUCY CHRISTOPHER in discovering what it takes to write new and original fiction for a younger audience. Fiction for young people often uses wild places and natural settings in innovative and evocative ways. What better place to explore this powerful combination than in the beautiful and ...

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Wellness Riding Retreat Yoga

Jody Cross, Clinical Social Worker, Certified Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist, and Certified Experiential Therapist will be holding another Wellness Retreat at the Rancho February 11th to 17th (for couples) and 18th to 24th. This is a unique experience that includes yoga, gentle and fun personal growth exercises with the Rancho horses, daily riding, and a day trip ...

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March 28 – April 04, 2015
“Transformation of the Body, Mind and Soul”

Hosted by PATRICIA DIAMOND of  HEALING SOULS - Canada Our focus will be on deeply transforming the mind , body and soul through the ancient yoga of immortality known as 'Shakti Naam' Yoga; meditation; horses; Sacred Places; extraordinary vistas; beautifully appointed living accommodations; deliciously prepared meals... We have it all! Yoga in Mexico is invigorating. ...

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Adventure Yoga Escape

Join Lexi Winkles Open Dates... Enjoy the warmth of the sun and sounds of the waterfalls in this tranquil environment. Ignite your senses through the flow and relaxation of the yoga asanas (poses), horseback riding through the vibrant countryside, indulging in the Mexican cuisine and experiencing the history and culture of this sacred place. DAY ...

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