Cocinas Economicas on your All Day Rides

If you like to experience new things when you travel, here's something fun to add to your "To Do" list when you visit the Rancho:  visit a local cocina economica. It's rural Mexico's version of fast food chains. No....strike that. It's good food fast - much better than a McDonald's or Taco Bell. Take an ...

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Ride Through The Historical Mexico

Historical Mexico, the rich and colourful monumental history is here to be seen and immersed in. You just have to go to Rancho Las Cascadas in beautiful San Agustin Buenavista, hop on one of their trusty steeds and wander out through the front gates with one of their competent knowledgeable and very likable wrangler/guide to ...

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Experience La Copa

A favorite ride for many of our guests is the day trip to La Copa.  It is a fantastic mix of everything...from relaxing walks through the beautiful countryside, to breathtaking climbs, and exhilarating canters on the flat plains.  There's something for everyone on this adventurous ride! Leaving the Rancho, the trail winds through farmland and you ...

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The Haciendas at El Fresno and La Goleta

There's so much history in Mexico and guests at the Rancho can see glimpses of it as they ride through the countryside. Two pueblos, El Fresno and La Goleta, are very close to the Rancho and both offer a concrete glimpse of the old haciendas that were once the majestic centers of these villages. The ...

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Riding Through the History of Mexican Silver

There is nothing quite like taking a day out riding on the amazing stretches of land surrounding the Rancho. As the horses' hooves clip clop along the dusty road, you feel the sun on your back and your mind drifts into a calm meditative state - a state where it feels like you are almost ...

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Ride El Camino Real While At The Rancho

If you've visited Rancho Las Cascadas, you know that the horseback riding offered is absolutely amazing.  Guests can choose to spend up to seven hours in the saddle each day, covering open countryside, mountain climbs, lakeside paths and more.  But for some, what makes it even more exciting is following some of the same trails ...

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Mestizo Horses

Last month we shared an article about Criollo horses, one of the main breeds we keep at the Rancho.  This month we'd like to give you a few details about Mestizo horses, a crossbreed of the various Spanish horses brought to Mexico in the 16th Century (like the Barb, the Jennet and the Andalusian).   Aragon, Attila and Palomo ...

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