Health Benefits of Horse Riding

Horse riding is often known for being a unique and exhilarating sport. For this reason, individuals of all ages are able to enjoy the sport. What many don’t realize is that horse riding isn’t only fun and exciting, like so many other mainstream sports it also has both physical and mental health benefits. Physical Benefits ...

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The Best Yoga Apps of 2018 – Prepare For Your Visit!

Best Yoga Apps of 2018 - Who Cares? Fitness enthusiasts do! We here at Rancho Las Cascadas are excited to help our visitors prepare for your visit by helping you choose from the best yoga apps of 2018. We have created new opportunities for wellness during your stay with us. Our yoga sessions are among ...

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Building Bonds

At Rancho Las Cascadas, we believe riding is therapeutic and, with proper instruction, even beginners can experience a transformation of sorts as they shed the stress of daily life and become one with a horse. A strong bond between horse and rider is not uncommon at the Rancho, although its manifestation varies from guest to ...

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The Rancho Is More Than Riding

Did you know that Rancho Las Cascadas hosts a lot more than holiday thrill seekers? Yes, our guests come from all over the world for a premiere horseback riding experience and to relax in the beautiful surroundings, but there are various reasons why others come as well. The Rancho hosts all sorts of different events ...

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Massage – An Ancient Aztec Favourite

The Aztecs were renowned for their natural treatments and remedies for overall health and wellbeing. Their physicians treated every kind of disorder with their healing arts using the plants and drugs that were available to them. Steam baths, known as temazcalli, were one of their central forms of remedy. They are a longstanding tradition in ...

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