Cocinas Economicas on your All Day Rides

If you like to experience new things when you travel, here’s something fun to add to your “To Do” list when you visit the Rancho:  visit a local cocina economica. It’s rural Mexico’s version of fast food chains. No….strike that. It’s good food fast – much better than a McDonald’s or Taco Bell.

Take an all-day ride and explore the little villages scattered throughout the landscape. You’ll stop along the way for a refreshment break in the morning at one of the local tiendas (quick stops). Here, you’ll be able to peruse an assortment of snack items that are harder to find outside of Mexico. Try a chili-flavored potato chip, guava nectar, Victoria beer, or a Gansito snack cake. It’s fun to buy a few different things to sample and share with your fellow riders.

For lunch, you will stop at one of the local hot spots. Now, these restaurants don’t look like anything you would see in the United States or Europe. They look like little garages with a few plastic tables and chairs to seat eight or ten people. Perhaps there are a few colorful placemats or tablecloths to give the room some color, but they are generally quite plain. Don’t let the lack of luxury put pre-determined thoughts into your head. The food is great.

Chances are, the owner/chef  has been cooking local traditional cuisine for friends and families for years and has decided to try to make some money doing it. The kitchens are simple and open. You can watch your food being prepared as you chat with the chef to get an update on the local gossip. Everything is made fresh to order as you like it and served with homemade, hot  tortillas.

The menu is generally limited in order to reduce waste and ensure prices remain low. The selection usually includes a soup of the day, rice or beans, a traditional plate or two such as tamales, enchiladas or mole, and a chef’s special with chicken or beef. It’s all fantastic! If you can’t choose, ask your fellow riders to share their plates so you can get a little taste of everything!

Some guests are afraid to try the food at these local spots but there’s no need to worry. We’ve only bring our guests to the highest quality places where the food is sure to be tasty and healthy. It’s a fun way to get to know the real Mexico and have an authentic experience. Be sure to ask about the cocinas economicas when you make your reservations at the Rancho!


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