Creative Writing Retreat Success 2017

Creative Writing Success!

From 14th– 21st October, we ran our second Creative Writing Retreat at Rancho Las Cascadas. And what a wonderful, inspiring and generative week we had!

Together, Melvin Burgess and I (Lucy Christopher) tutored students individually on their work-in-progress.We also provided workshops on getting started, story structure, plot, editing, and setting.among other topics.  With the help of a pre-course questionnaire, Melvin and I tailored the week’s activities to what the students wanted to learn.

Daily Routine

Our mornings began in the divine new ‘Crystal Palace’ studio with early morning yoga — bodies need to be warmed up as well as brains. Next came breakfast, and then the morning writing workshops. The we enjoyed lunch in the studio. The afternoons were scheduled with plenty of time for students to write, or ride, or maybe do a bit of both.  Before dinner Melvin and I held individual tutorials on writer’s work. After dinner came readings, or storytelling beside a bonfire. Mid-week we took this fearless band of writers on an excursion to Tula for some very Mexican creative inspiration. We topped off the week with a visit from the wonderful Mexican publisher, Renato Aranda. He arrived with Mescal to share and we had one fabulously glorious time!


A particular highlight for me was the opportunity to ride with the students in the afternoon.  On long, lazy walks through fields of vivid Mexican sunflowers, I enjoyed chatting to students about their novels or writing journey. There’s something about riding that makes thinking – and talking about thinking – just so much more relaxed, and easy. Together, we sorted out many a creative thorn during those rides.

This year our students called the week “transformative”, “amazing” and “exhilarating”. I’m going to add onto the list, as one of their teachers, that I found the week absolutely inspiring. I always find it so personally enriching to watch writers achieve something new with their creativity, and to learn something helpful about their process. There were so many creative breakthroughs this year, it was so lovely to help facilitate and witness. And I, too, had a chance to explore new ideas and different ways of approaching my process.

Experience It For Yourself

Experience our inspirational Creative Writing Retreat for yourself. We are running it again in 2018 between the 6th – 13th October, when flowers claim the countryside. AND if you book in the next thirty days, we will give you an EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT of 10% off the entire all-inclusive stay. So, it is only $1,957 USD for 7 nights, including airport transfers, all food and drink, yoga, riding, excursions and of course all writing tutorials and workshops.

Next year we plan to focus and tailor our retreat towards students who need a little more time, nurturing, and individual focus on their work. We will be offering more individual tutorials on work-in-progress with Melvin and me (up to an hour a day!). There will also be more time for writing and creative meditation, with slightly fewer group workshops. It’ll be the ideal retreat for those who need to unstick themselves from creative block. Need an extra push to get your work-in-progress finished? This is perfect for you! Of course, the week still comes with all the loved extras of excursions, special guests, evening talks, and creative surprises!

Please contact Jenny here to book, or for more information –

Alternatively, you can find out more information and join the Mexican Creative Writing Retreat community on our Facebook page –


Write well, write happy…

–Lucy Christopher

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