Equine Assisted Learning Sessions at Rancho Las Cascadas

equine assisted learning

equine assisted learning

Marti McGinnis and friend in San Miguel de Allende

Equine Assisted Learning Sessions

Thursday June 14 – Sunday June 17, 2018

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Marti McGinnis of Inspirational Horses joins us here at Rancho Las Cascadas periodically to offer equine assisted learning programming for our guests. She has designed several sessions just for us!

Call it Equine Assisted Learning, or Equine Assisted Coaching. These experiential learning sessions with horses are designed to bring more depth and awareness regardless of your interest in riding horses. The things learned can be brought back home and help you reconstruct new purpose to the projects you’re currently tackling. While these sessions are neither conducted as therapy or offered as official life coaching, they are very therapeutic and life affirming.

Arrange with Rancho Las Cascadas staff as you book your trip. Some sessions can be conducted as part of your overall holiday package deal or as add-ons for deeper, more private explorations.

From The Ground Up And The Inside Out

Pre-ride or Half Day

Equine Assisted LearningWho is this for? For those looking to open your heart to the process of collaborating with an equine as an equal.

This is a session that begins with you in the pasture. wYou are guided through ways to choose your partner horse for the day. Then through a series of gentle unmounted activities you will become acquainted with your equine companion. You will be shown how to align your energy with that of the horse. You’ll learn how to center yourself from your core. Then you’ll be helped up onto his bare back and guided through how to adopt his legs as your own. This will help you regain your center of balance from this new vantage point. The wranglers will get him ready for riding while you experience a simple guided meditation. You’ll be prepared to stay in partnership with your new horse friend. Your senses will open up to the natural world to be revealed on the ride!

Horses are naturally social and inquisitive. They like working with those who understand some of their behaviors and drives.

NOTE: This session can also be designed for the non-rider. We will expand on the partnership through walking together without saddling or mounting up.

Private Sessions

Half Day

equine assisted learningClients come with suggestions for what they would like to unlock within themselves in dealing with current challenges in their lives. You will then experience a customized set of activities with horses designed to help bring to the fore currently hidden opportunities, points of view, opinions or inner dialogues sabotaging progress.

The horse or horses you will work and play with will often be ‘at liberty’ (unfettered by ropes or halters in a small corral they are free to move around). Most if not all work will be unmounted. The horses you interact with under guidance with challenges to assess and complete will offer behaviors that will be illuminated for you to help you discover new solutions to sticky patterns in your own behaviors. It feels a little like magic, but this work basically highlights the sensitivity of horses to attune to the inner energies we ourselves do not realize we project. Read an example here. The responses they provide through their movement and choices often provides access to introspection we carry that gets hidden under layers of routine thought patterns.

Sessions are great for:

  • individuals
  • family groups
  • couples
  • work teams
  • colleagues
  • and others

NOTE: Though potentially therapeutic, these sessions are conducted by a specially trained equine experiential learning specialist and not a psychologist.
These sessions are designed to offer a lively avenue towards self enlightenment. Collaboration with your own home counselor, psychologist or other wellness professional can be arranged beforehand and is encouraged for any who desire this type of experience to be complementary with your home treatment.

Choose from:

  • Unblocking Creative Flow  – for creatives of every genre, artists, dancers, musicians, writers, etc)
  • Designing A Better Personal Future – for people in transition
  • Finding The Strengths In A Group – for team building
  • Breakthroughs In Family Relationships – new paradigms in old behaviors

Finding Unicorns

Half Day

Everyone knows Unicorns aren’t real, right?

That depends. Just because you may have never seen one personally does that mean that one cannot be near, does it?

This workshop is designed to help you look past your own preconceptions and limitations to help you discover the magic you’re immersed in every single day no matter where or how you live.

Unicorns are less about being a type of equine and more embodying  a way of living, of being nimble enough with your perceptions allowing you to create a personal way of seeing that elevates your vision past the ordinary and up into the ether of dreams.

In this workshop you will be invited to create a pattern of awareness that lifts you up off the surface of existence into the aura of your own creative realities. You will leave with an Artistic License good for passage into the realms of any creative endeavors you care to pursue here on out.

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  • Nature Walk: How to Listen for Common Magic – a guided walk through some of the more beautiful areas of the rancho with plenty of space for listening and contemplation. You’ll be shown how to quiet yourself and allow yourself to hear more of what nature is offering
  • Choose Your Magical Partner: a guided passage into the world of the unicorn as embodied by rancho horses in their own space. You’ll be shown how to let your equine partner pick you, things to look for, ways to invite the possibility.
  • Walk with a Unicorn: you and your session partner equine will walk a casual labyrinth together as you along energies and find ways to see past the material further in to the soul of the universe.

Horse Sense Team Building

Half or Full Day(s)

Who is this for? Great for corporate, non-profit, church and other groups looking to integrate some fun activities into the challenge of coming together creatively on behalf of the goals you need to accomplish together.

Arrangements can be made with Rancho Las Cascadas for your complete experience. Sessions will be custom designed for your particular needs.

Contact us for details.

Creative Considerations

Art Project Designed to Enhance Morning Equine Assisted Learning Session

For individuals or groups

  • Festoons of Intention
  • Flags of Hope
  • Deck of Direction
  • Collage of Dreams

Each of these creative projects is a hands-on enhancement that builds on and enhances the morning work with the horses. Experiential Learning can be greatly impacted by involving all aspects of the mental process, both the right (intuitive, creative) and left (analytic and judgmental) sides of the brain. Thoughts unlocked and more fluid from the morning’s work can be further appreciated by filtering them through the hands in a tactile creative exercise. Each of these projects has been designed to maximize the potential for idea processing without old thought processes getting in the way.

Festoons of Intention, place on the horse of your choice when you’re finished to get some extra positive energy before you take it home.

Festoons of Intention use a variety of colorful and soft media the client embellishes using a variety of pens, ribbons, markers, and other media that are brought together as something like a garland to be placed on their partner horse’s neck for a photo ops and then brought home and put in a spot that will remind them of this work and any breakthroughs experienced with it.

Flags of Hope also use soft materials the client decorates using a variety of media (ones, paints, milagros, ribbons, etc) that can be added to the rancho’s Flags of Hope area or brought home and tied where the home winds will transfer the wishes upon them to the spirits beyond, much as Tibetan Prayer Flags do on mountain tops in Tibet.

Deck of Direction are a similar concept as the two mentioned above except this project uses more yardstick than fabric and becomes a deck of cards the client creates based on the experiences and insights brought forth from the morning’s work.

Collage of Dreams – another mixed media hands-on project option where the client uses a variety of media to create a wall piece that captures the essence from the morning’s work.

All materials and instruction provided by MartiMcGinnis. of HappyArt.com

14 June 2018 to 17 June 2018|

Marti McGinnis

Marti has many years' experience as an Equine Specialist in the fields of Equine Experiential Learning. (InspirationalHorses.com)From Equine Assisted Learning to Equine Assisted Coaching, Marti knows how to interpret the body language of horses in relation to activities during sessions. She is also a successful artist with many years teaching experience (HappyArt.com).