New Year – “Feliz Ano Nuevo”

Rancho Las Cascadas

Fireworks, ringing bells, 12 grapes, a family dinner, sparkling wine, hugs and music set the stage for a typical New Year’s celebration in Mexico and at the ranch.

As in the rest of the world, we here in Mexico gather together with our loved ones, relatives or friends to celebrate what we’ve shared during the past year and to wish a better one for everyone.

At the ranch we all gather together as families or friends for a fantastic night of dinner, music and dancing.

Rituals in Mexico at New Year….

It’s very traditional to eat 12 grapes at the moment that the countdown begins to welcome the New Year, representing 12 wishes; lentils are spread around the door as a symbol of abundance; sweeping toward the outside of the home, to drive everything bad from the previous year out of it, or using red underwear that night to attract love, or yellow to attract money…

We hope to see you here!

30 December 2018 to 1 January 2019|

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