Experience La Copa

A favorite ride for many of our guests is the day trip to La Copa.  It is a fantastic mix of everything…from relaxing walks through the beautiful countryside, to breathtaking climbs, and exhilarating canters on the flat plains.  There’s something for everyone on this adventurous ride!

Leaving the Rancho, the trail winds through farmland and you will see the rural life of Mexico, local farmers tending to their daily tasks and using traditional methods to work the land.  You will notice an intricate network of irrigation canals used to water the crops until the rain comes.

Then cross dry stony valleys up to the cliffs at “La Copa” in Santiago Oxthoc.  The waterfalls spring from the rocks and into a martini glass-shaped rock formation.  The sign on the wall says “Viva el 3 de May 1842” or “cheers to the 3 of May 1852”.  This celebrates when the waterfall miraculously sprang from the wall, a phenomenon attributed to the VIrgin of Guadalupe.  She is venerated in a small shrine just before the waterfall.

Upon leaving the shrine, you will climb up to the top of the cliffs and onto the high plains.  On clear days the views from this stark rocky plateau are spectacular.  Make sure you are well prepared with sun cream as at midday, the sunlight is very intense.

Lunch is taken at a restaurant in San Juan Daxthi where you can mingle with the locals and watch the owner prepare your food fresh to order. On Sundays there is a charming local fruit and vegetable market to explore, and on holidays the town hosts a small rodeo. A two-hour ride, with more opportunities to canter and gallop, bring you back to the ranch.

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