Experience The Thrill Of A Cabalgata!

Cabalgatas are a fun and exciting way to experience riding in Mexico.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to take part in one while visiting the Rancho, you must come back and see us again!

In its simplest form, a cabalgata is an excursion on horseback.  The term has evolved over the years and now commonly refers to a parade of horseback riders traveling together, generally in celebration.  They are very popular in Mexico and are often (but not always) a part of religious festivals honoring saints.

On the first Saturday of August, the Rancho always takes part in a cabalgata meant to remind the local community of their patron saint, Saint Agustin.  Hundreds of riders gather with their horses at a predetermined location for a short mass and then begin a 35 kilometer (almost 22 miles) trek throught the countryside together.  Some cabalgatas are shorter than this, but others are more than 50 kilometers (31 miles).  Along the way, new folks join the parade while others stop to visit with friends and family who live along the route.  It is, after all, a celebration so refreshment breaks are quite common!

Mexico City hosts a cabalgata through the city streets on September 15th every year.  Riders and their horses gather in the Zócalo (main square) and then make their way through the city streets.  Residents  can watch the riders pass from their front porch or hi-rise window.  It’s truly a spectacular event.

The best part of the ride for most is simply being part of something so big.  It’s thrilling to be surrounded by all the beautiful horses and to share the joy of riding with so many others.

If you would like to experience a cabalgata, contact us at the Rancho today and we’ll keep you apprised of upcoming event dates.

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