Explore Héroes Carranza

Héroes Carranza is a small pueblo about 10.5 miles (17 kilometers) from the Rancho. It is a favorite place to stop for a cold drink during a long ride. The little store is always well-stocked with a wide assortment of soda, juice and beer and a variety of nibbles, including yogurt, fruit, chips, ice cream and more. The town is recognizable from the distance because of the church located in the center square. Its reddish-orange dome rises above the countryside acting as a major landmark for the wranglers as they wind their way through the countryside. Renovated in the 1990s, guests can get a glimpse of the original structure built in the 1700s around back.

The sleepy little town is located in the municipality of Tula de Allende in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. Only 385 people live there; 143 of them are children. During the school year, guests might wave to los niños as they ride past the cutely decorated primary school located on the northeast side of town. The horses (and the gringos) are sure to solicit some excitement.

Many of the 98 houses in town are brightly painted in bright blue, orange or yellow, adding color to the landscape. In lieu of yards with grass, large flower pots line up in front of the homes to add life to the cement city. There are also some interesting murals painted on the walls. While some are obvious advertisements, other intricate paintings are purely decorative.

It may not be big or fancy but Héroes Carranza is a real gem. On your next trip to the Rancho, take the time to get off your horse and explore this town a bit. The people are friendly and there’s always something new that will catch your eye.

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