Fascinating Superstitions of Mexico

When you spend more time with local Mexican people you soon begin to realize how ingrained some superstitions and customs are in their everyday lives.

These beliefs date back far into the rich Mexican history and culture and probably existed to help gain a sense of control over their lives no matter what might be happening.

Superstitions are said to have grown from everyday activities that involve numerology, odds and evens and rhyming chants. They are in part always based on truths, which is the hook that entangles its audience to then twist the story and keep the public in awe of its power.

Here are just a few fascinating examples of the many superstitions out there:

  • Beware of Tuesday the 13th not Friday the 13th.
  • A child must receive a token gift (bolo) when they are baptized or they will fart a lot.
  • Go outside with your luggage on New Years and you will basically travel the world.
  • Don’t let anyone sweep your feet or you’ll forever be single.
  • Make sure you tell someone about your nightmares or they will come true.
  • If you scratch your itchy palm, money will not come your way.
  • Don’t place your bag on the floor or you’ll run out of money.
  • Don’t point at a rainbow or you will get a pimple on your nose.
  • If you ever dare stare at a dog while it poops you will get a pimple on your eye.
  • Don’t drop a tortilla or your in-laws will pay you an unpleasant visit.
  • If you smile at a baby, you better touch it or you’ll make the baby sick.
  • If you step out of bed with your left foot, you’ll have a very unlucky day.
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