Freshly Made Tortillas – Simple But Delicious!

Tortillas are a staple in every Mexican family’s diet and are eaten at almost every meal. The simple but delicious bread has grown in worldwide demand and has surpassed bagels and muffins in popularity. It is now second only to sliced bread.

Every Mexican chef has his/her own recipe, but tortillas are made from three simple ingredients: finely ground flour, liquid (either water or milk), and sometimes oil. The dough is pressed, either by hand or machine, into flat discs that are then lightly toasted on a hot griddle until they inflate like a balloon.

You can find tortillerías around every corner selling a variety of the delicious pan. Yellow and blue corn are the most popular near the Rancho. Connoisseurs have their favorite shops and can definitely tell the difference between the simple recipes. The type of flour the tortillas are made from, as well as the freshness of the end product, greatly affects taste. That’s why the tortillas in other countries don’t taste anything like those in Mexico!

The masa, or dough, used to make tortillas is also used to make sopes, gorditas, chilaquiles and more. The only difference is the thickness of the dough and the final cooking method. For example, sopes are quite heavy; chilaquiles are made from deep-fried tortillas.

On your next trip to the Rancho, don’t be afraid to try a tortilla or two hot off the griddle when you are exploring the area. You can buy a mountain of them for less than a dollar!

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