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Riding horses is one of the highlight of a ranch holiday and we have a beautiful, well-loved and responsive herd available to suit your experience—whether you’re trying horseback riding for the first time or are a seasoned horseman or woman.

Meet our Horses…

*To us, they are the heart of the ranch and are precious. We treat them with the utmost love and respect. They live in a large free-social group and are fascinating to observe even when you’re not saddling up.

We favour the Mexican Criollo mixed with part American Quarter Horse breed for an overall sturdiness, agility. A superb combination for the Mexican highlands and the varied riding terrain here.

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Types of Riding

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert rider, the riding experiences we offer are remarkably enriching.

We celebrate the skills and experiences of all our clients, and during your stay at the Rancho you’ll get to ride in the classic Mexican Charro style. We’ll teach you what you need to know.

We strive to inspire..

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Trails and Terrian

Rancho Las Cascadas sits high above the mountain plains and is nestled amidst more than 500,000 acres of open countryside that offers limitless possibilities on guided trails and open-range horseback riding for all abilities.  You can ride all morning and afternoon for a weeks at the Rancho and never repeat the same ride, apart from the main approaches when leaving and returning to the rancho each day. The terrain is varies from gentle and rolling, canyons, waterfalls and mountains — quintessential cowboy country, our Mexican outback!

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