How Do You Have A Wedding In Mexico?

How Do You Have A Wedding In Mexico?

How do you have a wedding in Mexico“How do you have a wedding in Mexico” is one of our favorite questions. Sometimes guests of Rancho las Cascadas ask us while they’re visiting and sometimes we hear it from web site visitors. Well, actually how you have a wedding in Mexico depends on the sort of celebration you’re looking for. If you’re from Mexico chances are your relatives are gonna help you out at every step of the way. Maybe family custom will dictate a lot of the specifics.

Things like:

  • what church it will be in
  • who will preside
  • who will be attending
  • where the fiesta will take place
  • whether or not there will be a promenade between the church and party hall
  • if there will be a tequila burro
  • whether giant paper mache puppets (mojigangas) in the happy couple’s likenesses will be joining the festivities
  • and all kinds of other decisions.

Planning Your Own Celebration

But maybe you do not have family in Mexico, but you just want to borrow the location for any number of excellent reasons!

Things like:

  • appealing aspects of the Mexican culture
  • as a beautiful backdrop for your special day
  • affordability!
  • exotic location
  • the color and food and tequila
  • the music!
  • proximity to awesome honeymoon locations
  • the friendly people
  • the adventure of it all

A Truly Happy Place

The real Mexico, the place you don’t hear a whole lot about in the news, is a place of color and joy. Mexicans are known for hearty celebrating and their heartfelt embrace of creating amazing parties without breaking the bank account. Oh sure, some can over spend and go a little crazy with the expenditures, but most Mexicans are thrifty creating a lot of awesome for not a lot of money. We know, we live here. We have been to these celebrations!

Want To Plan Your Wedding With Us?

How do you have a wedding in MexicoWhat would that look like? What does planning a wedding in a foreign country entail? Happy news, we can help every step of the way!

Want to get your dress or outfit in Mexico City, one of the largest metropolises in the world? We can help because we know where the good stuff is!

Have a Pinterest board chock full of flower, cake and decorating ideas? Show us! We can help you find the craftspeople needed to make the ideas in these photos into your reality! Oh and the cost? A whole lot less than what you’d have to pay in the states, Canada, Europe or most of the countries our guests usually come from.

Want the full spa treatment as you prepare for the big day? We’ve got a huge array of offerings and can call in hair and makeup specialists to do the final polish. Same too with professional photographers, DJs, bands and other accoutrements of the perfect wedding. Again, it’s going to be a lot less expensive than home.

How about the official paperwork? Yep, got you covered!

And Then There’s Us

Finally, I saved the best for last because there’s what we bring to the party. Us, your friends at Rancho Las Cascadas! Due to the fact we help people reach their holiday dreams as a full time passion we’re also great at creating customized weddings! Here’s some details on what we can do with you. Need a little inspiration?  Here’s one of our Pinterest boards on the topic.


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