I Never Wanted To Leave

This photo was taken on our last day after one unforgettable week at the Rancho. During one week, we had ridden all different trails around the Rancho and surrounding areas. We completed fast gallops, climbed canyons, crossed fields and we had seen some incredible landscapes. We had day rides only stopping for picnics and drinks in the villages we were riding through and some days we had shorter rides in order to spend time at the beautiful Rancho, to enjoy the delicious Mexican food and to relax by the pool, maybe with a cold piña colada in the hand.

I had tried many fabulous horses but it was something special with this one named Dakota. So here I found myself riding my dream horse, looking out over this gorgeous view and feeling like I never wanted to leave. The Rancho definitely fulfilled my dream of riding like a cowboy together with helpful wranglers, in a country where I felt welcome from the moment I landed to the moment I left. For me this picture says it all and I remember how I felt: happy and harmonious. My stay and the riding at the Rancho was truly a heartwarming experience I would recommend to everyone!

Maria Nordvall, Göteborg Sweden
2nd Place – RLC Photo Contest 2016

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