I Wish I Had Another Week!

My sister had planned this vacation.  She is what I call an expert horseman.  She invited me along, and even though my idea of vacation includes an ice cold fruity drink, sun and a sandy beach, I agreed. I was looking forward to some sister time and just a nice week away from the grind.  The last time I was on a horse had been an easy trail ride some 10 years ago.

I arrived at the ranch at 0-dark thirty and was ushered thru a quaint courtyard to my room.  The bed was so comfortable. I fell asleep like a rock.  In the morning, I received the tour.  I was awed at the beauty that surrounded me.  The inside and outside spaces blended together in perfect harmony.  I knew immediately that I would surely enjoy my leisure time there.

The staff at the ranch was extremely accommodating.  I was able to really experience authentic Mexico via several excursions to small town markets, large pyramids, and museums.  I let Max know that I wanted to purchase a nice pair of leather boots and he found a fantastic leather shop where I found not only one, but two awesome pair!  The food on the ranch and everywhere we went was muy delicioso!  And my down time at the ranch was spent sipping margaritas, lounging at the pool/hot tub, playing billiards, and conversing with the many other guests who came from all over the world.  A perfect vacation if I had done nothing more!  But, I did decide to give horse riding the “old college try.”  I made two rides my first day, and paid a little (sore thigh muscles) the next day.  I slowed down and interspersed rides between excursions and found that suited me much better.  I was pleasantly surprised on my last day of riding- something seemed to click in the saddle and I felt “right” on the trots and canters.  And with this, I could appreciate my sister’s love for riding.

My vacation was over in the blink of an eye.  I wish I had another week!  This vacation was so much fun that I am contemplating a return trip with my husband and children.  I can’t wait to explore some more with them and show them this beautiful country!  Hasta luego!

– Colleen Kennedy
Green Bay, Wisconsin USA

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