Kristina Rogers about Lunar Eclipse and Energies 2017

Meet Kristina Rogers

A recent newsletter from one of our marvelous retreat leaders entered our inboxes and our hearts. Kristina Rogers will be conducting her  “Messages From The Water” retreat at Rancho Las Cascadas October 2 – 7, 2017. Below she addresses the energies being impacted by the nearing lunar eclipse. Take a peak into the heart and mind of this amazing woman.

2017 Lunar Eclipse

It is a time of change and disorder. It is all around you..personally, nationally, and globally.

Ways of being that are harmful to people and of a lower vibration are being exposed. It is time for your planet to ascend.

These eclipse energies, now present, are like a fire burning. They bring the ability to transform.

Wow, what an intense time. Everyone is in change. And the world is crazy!

Eclipse…we’re in it…

I find it takes more to navigate these times..I find myself moving slower, meditating, trying to react less.

In response to the state of the planet, I am called to hold a column of be a stance for peace. 

kristina rogers

As we go thru these next days, heading towards the eclipse, how will you take care of yourself? How will you use this energy to change your life?

As I travel, I am astounded by the beauty on the planet….the green aliveness of trees and grasses, the stunning light that assails the mountains..

And I find myself nourished by the big rivers of moving water….

Monday brings the eclipse. Be sure to take some quiet inner time. 


You can read the entirety of Ms. Rogers’ message here.


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