Massage – An Ancient Aztec Favourite

The Aztecs were renowned for their natural treatments and remedies for overall health and wellbeing. Their physicians treated every kind of disorder with their healing arts using the plants and drugs that were available to them.

Steam baths, known as temazcalli, were one of their central forms of remedy. They are a longstanding tradition in Mexico, and are still widely found and used throughout the country. The steam baths consisted of a number of hot and cold rooms; the steam room in particular is shaped like a giant beehive out of stones or bricks.

Within these hot rooms they would burn a combination of remedies and let them off directly in the steam. During this practice they would look to using different treatments including one of their favourites, massage. Using ointments and oils, the combination would help treat tired and aching muscles, as well as rheumatic disorders and neuralgia. ¬

Here at the Rancho, massage is central to some of the wonderful spa therapies we provide. And we are very well catered to looking after you should you be riding or simply enjoying the Rancho and it’s facilities as a non-rider.

Regular massage is great for circulation, easing tension and toning muscle as well as a host of other reasons. Your tired horse legs will definitely thank you for it!

The Swedish massage is a firm favourite and brings together the essence of our Swedish management and Mexican hospitality. This signature classic massage provides many substantiated health benefits and it especially aims at releasing stress and tension in the body and mind. Depending on your preference, the rhythm of your massage can be slow and gentle, vigorous and firm, or deep pressure. And you can select from aromatic wellness oils to enhance your treatment experience.

The hot stone massage feels like you are really making the most of the elements and brings together some of the ancient Aztec principles of heat, stone and treatment. The therapist’s nurturing touch combined with heated, smooth river stones renowned for their healing capabilities, effectively release tense muscles, stressed emotions and helps to calm an active mind. Mountain sage oil is formulated to gently detoxify, calm and ground your energy.

The head-to-toe relaxation massage is a wonderful treat to stimulate all the senses. Scented massage oil warmed from a candle, is used to gently massage your body with long nourishing strokes from scalp to toes. You will unwind, de-stress, and feel warm and revitalized by improved blood circulation.

The back, neck & shoulder massage gets to work straight away and is a wonderful way to start your break at the Rancho. This focused massage session targets accumulated stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders; those places where we tend to hold it most. You will feel that weight lifted off your shoulders and relief in the back and neck, resulting in more ease in aligning your posture.

Whichever treatment you should go for, it is just one of the wonderful ways to unwind at the Rancho. We also recommend a margarita in the hot tub, one of our more modern Mexican Rancho therapies!

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