Perfect Summer Weather For The Perfect Family Vacation!

School is almost over for the year and it’s time to start planning your summer vacation.  Why not bring the family to Rancho Las Cascadas? Not only can you ride horses to your heart’s content, but you can expose your children to an entirely new culture while enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather.

Unlike many places around the world, Central Mexico offers a beautiful, warm-temperate climate all year round.  The Rancho is nestled in the highlands.  The location in the higher elevation means the summer days are warm and sunny without being overbearing (around 76ºF) and without the dreaded humidity of many other summer destinations.  The nights are cool but comfortable.  A light sweater and pair of cozy sweatpants are perfect dress for a late-night visit to watch the horses or simply sit outside on the lounge chairs to count the stars.

Some people worry that the summer will be rainy.  While June through August is dubbed “the rainy season” in Mexico, you must remember that everything is relative.  The average annual precipitation for Mexico City is only 12 inches.  By comparison, Atlanta, Georgia receives an average of 50 inches of rainfall a year.   Most often, summer rains at the Rancho start as the sun goes down.  Storms may put in a short but spectacular appearance that many guests find quite relaxing as they eat dinner or wind down for the evening. By morning, the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the local vegetation has received a much needed drink!

Do something different this summer and visit us at the Rancho.  We’ve got plenty of availability and would love to show you the beauty of our Mexican summers.  The weather, lush colorful landscapes, and riding will be at their best, so contact us today to plan your best summer vacation ever!

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