Plan The Perfect Family Summer Vacation At The Rancho

What are you doing this summer? The kids will be out of school before you know it and you’ll have two or three months to fill. Why not do something completely different?  Come to Rancho Las Cascadas, learn to ride a horse and experience a new culture. It’s the perfect mix of excitement, relaxation and education. Plus, the weather is awesome!

Don’t sit inside with the air conditioning on, being lazy and watching TV. You can beat the heat at the Rancho. Every day of the year, including the summer months, our daytime temperatures are an average of 76˚F (24˚C). Our location at a higher elevation in the Mexican Highlands means that we enjoy comfortable days with lots of sun and low humidity. You can play outside all day long…just make sure to wear sunscreen!

And play you will!  Even if you and the kids have never ridden a horse, we’ll make sure everyone is addicted to the sport before you leave. Our horses are extremely well-trained and our wranglers are experienced at accommodating beginners of all ages. In fact, we once had a rider who was only 18 months old!

Our assortment of cultural excursions will help you sneak in a little home-schooling for the youngsters, too. There’s nothing more impactful than experiencing history and another lifestyle. Visit ancient pyramids, local markets, colonial cities, and more. Practice your Spanish with the locals. Take a walk through the pueblos to compare building materials to those in your city. Learn about the crops that are grown in the area and get up close to all the different animals that wander freely. You’re sure to learn something new.

Then at the end of the day, jump into our swimming pool or hot tub, eat too much at dinner, and sit by a campfire to watch the stars before falling into a dead sleep for the night. Wake up the next morning and do it all again!  It’s the perfect summer vacation!  Contact us today.

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