3 New Services Provided As Rancho Focuses on Wellness

3 New Services Provided As RanchoLas Cascadas Adds New Focus on Wellness

Yoga at Rancho Las CascadasRancho Las Cascadas continues to evolve and now we have even more activities and services to enjoy.We follow travel industry trends, and were delighted to recently discover that wellness getaways are on the rise. Why were we so happy about that? That’s rather the business we’ve always been in! But now we had a reason to look at adding even more activities and offerings. So that’s exactly what we have done.

The horses are still our stars, but now guests can enjoy a whole new selection of wellness activities, too. Now the people who accompany the horse enthusiasts have a whole host of things to do while the riders are out. Matter of fact, some riders are going to be tempted to miss an adventure or two with the horses in favor of enjoying some of these rejuvenating offerings. We are so happy to announce these wellness focused additions to our line-up:

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation classes – Not only does Rancho Las Cascadas host special retreats with experts from all over the world, but now we have daily classes with staff instructors. Ask to see the weekly schedule when you arrive.
  • Temazcal – Experience this ancient Mexican “house of heat” in one of two ways: schedule private time in the sauna to relax; or take part in a three-hour spiritual ceremony (Shaman included) to heighten your senses, clear your mind, and calm your soul.
  • Additional Spa Services – Treat yourself to sessions  designed to enhance your vitality, restore your spirit, and revitalize your natural beauty. Choose between a larger variety of massages, including Mayan, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and more. Cupping, wraps, and detox baths are available as well as a manicures, pedicures and other procedures.

We’re already getting excellent feedback from visitors who now feel they have even more reasons to come and see us. We love that! Let us pamper you, too.

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