Ride Through The Historical Mexico

Historical Mexico, the rich and colourful monumental history is here to be seen and immersed in. You just have to go to Rancho Las Cascadas in beautiful San Agustin Buenavista, hop on one of their trusty steeds and wander out through the front gates with one of their competent knowledgeable and very likable wrangler/guide to begin your horseback adventure. Have your eyes open to be awed by the magnificently typical county Mexican landscape of open farming fields nestled at the foot of a mountainous backdrop, then meandering through local villages and areas that contain those hidden historical gems…the historical dwellings and haciendas. You can see life going on as usual around you as you ride along you get a personal perspective of the people living life in this area and a feel of perhaps how it may have been hundreds of years ago. Seeing the historical buildings, being in the centre could possibly transport your imagination to another time, it did for me.

I chose to see the real Mexico, in a relaxed atmosphere and incorporating one of the things I love the most…horses. I was not disappointed, the experience left me fulfilled. The Rancho does everything right to cater for individual experiences, I thank them for that and Mexico for being so naturally beautiful.

– Barb Gamble, Australia
Entry in the RLC Photo Contest 2016

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