Tepotzotlán – A village with a viceregal charm

Tepotzotlán Magic

While visiting Rancho Las Cascadas Resort you have the possibility to visit great historical sites between horseback riding and wellness activities at the Resort. Like for example our optional excursion to Tepotzotlan.



Tepotzotlán magic

Tepotzotlán, photo: http://www.pueblosmexico.com.mx

From Wikipedia:

Tepotzotlán magic describes this city which is also a municipality in the Mexico state of Mexico. It is located 40 km northeast of Mexico City. In Aztec times, the area was the center of a dominion that negotiated to keep most of its independence in return with being allied with the Aztec Triple Alliance. Later, it would also be part of a “Republic of the Indians,” allowing for some autonomy under Spanish rule as well. The town became a major educational center during the colonial period when the Jesuits established the College of San Francisco Javier. The college complex that grew from its beginnings in 1580 would remain an educational center until 1914. Today this complex houses the Museo del Virreinato (Museum of the Vice Regal or Colonial Period), with one of the largest collections of art and other objects from this time period.

From sunrise to sunset, the beautiful “Magical Town” of Tepotzotlán captivates you with its charms and manifold shapes. Enjoy the rays of sunshine that highlight the vibrant colors of the handicrafts market, as you walk past the colorful stands, stroll through its green parks and ancient aqueduct. Discover old stories as you are bathed in the echoes of traditional music that accompanies daily life in this beautiful well preserved but also well lived in town. In the evening, take in the glow of both the majestic National Museum of the Viceroyalty and the Temple of San Francisco Javier – a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique beauty. Each is lit up to feature the complex decorative details that make them masterpieces of baroque art. Tepotzotlán magic

Things To Do in Tepotzotlán

First of all, walk through the quiet streets of Tepotzotlán. Discover the wonderful architectural treasures that this picturesque village has for you. Enter the central garden and have a delicious lemon ice cream or a roasted chili corn. In the afternoon, enjoy the street artists’ shows performing in the kiosk. Immortalize the moment by taking the official photo with the traditional Adelita or revolutionary costume with mustaches and bandoliers. In the evening, go back to the kiosk to take the legends tour through the village. Tepotzotlán magic

Shop Tepotzotlán

In addition to general exploring, this magic town is great for shopping! Visit the Handicrafts Square and enjoy a few pleasant hours shopping. Take home a masterfully created local sculpture of ocotal or wood. Marvel at the skills of the artisans whose art is embossing or the exquisitely complicated embroidery of the local Otomi women. Finally, feast on some delicious mushroom or pumpkin flower quesadillas, while you sip from a terra cotta jarrito filled with tequila, pineapple juice and piquin pepper. Tepotzotlán magic

Tour the Temple of San Francisco Javier

The huge carved stone cross of the Church of San Francisco Javier is a commanding presence. It sits in the great Plaza Hidalgo. Its façade stretches mightily  up to touch the sky. Be moved by the dense decoration of flowers and leaves extending to the interior. Let its twelve altarpieces tell you what Mexico was like 300 years ago.

Wander the Viceroyalty Museum

The Viceroyalty Museum occupies what was once the Jesuit College but no longer. Today it holds many memories, but most of all, it houses the an important collection of works of art from the 17th and 18th centuries. Visit its 21 rooms. Immerse yourself in the masterfully executed art and its earthly imaginings of a more heavenly existence. Imagine the lives of those who walked before and wander the different levels of the old school. The display of the exhibit of the crowned nuns strikes a chord deep from within. Gaze upon the sweet faces that craftsmen and artists immortalized centuries ago. Freshen your senses in the gardens. Relax and meditate as the Jesuit teachers did long ago.

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