Tequila – a Mexican Icon!

best tequilaYou can’t come to Mexico without having some tequila (and then, some more!). But there is a lot more to this national drink of Mexico than you may realize.  For a start, if you’ve been drinking your tequila as a slammer with lemon and salt, you’re not enjoying it to the fullest!  A fine tequila is like any fine liquor. Take it in slowly and savor this amazing Mexican elixir. Sip some with compadres here at Rancho Las Cascadas and, as a result, go home with new best friends!

But what exactly is tequila?

It is an alcoholic drink made only from the blue agave plant. You can see agave growing on the slopes near the Rancho! About 65 km northwest of Guadalajara, the good people of the city of Tequila produce the bulk of the world’s supply of this singular liquor (funny, that!). It is technically a type of mescal, but it is unique in that it is only the blue agave plant that goes into it. There are actually five main types:

  • Blanco (Silver)
  • Joven (Gold)
  • Reposado (Aged)
  • Añejo (Extra aged)
  • Extra Añejo (Ultra-aged)

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More than 300 million agave plants are harvested for this purpose each year, and there are currently well over 100 distilleries making the drink in Mexico. Mescal, tequila’s cousin, can use other types of agave. Treat yourself after a long ride in the saddle or a day spent immersed in self-care or Mexican history and culture. We have bottles open in the cantina calling your name. What’s more, tequila is also the primary ingredient in margaritas! And we have our own specially blended mix ready for you to pour.

What are the top brands?

A quick survey of the wranglers here revealed that 1800 and Don Julio Reposado are the favourite brands among the staff. The World Tequila Awards 2017, however, voted Lokita Silver as the best Blanco, and Casa Noble as the best Reposado tequila.

How should you drink it?

Drinking tequila in Mexico is very straightforward. You simply sip it slowly and straight. Swish it around your mouth, and enjoy! Then you pour another glass … and repeat until you reach the desired level of happiness! But no one is making rules, so we invite you to blend some up in a frozen margarita or splash on the rocks with a little lime.


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