The Animal Staff Plays An Important Role At The Rancho

It’s a animal lover’s paradise at the Rancho. The horses are magnificent and it’s easy to get up close and personal with oxen, cattle, sheep, goats and so much more when riding in the open countryside. But the real joy comes upon return to the Rancho when bodies are tired and hearts are missing furry friends back home.  An eclectic mix of dogs and cats patiently wait for guests so they can do their jobs.

The dogs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and temperaments so there is always a buddy for everyone. During the day they check in with guests during meal times to make sure all the food is acceptable. They will even perform taste tests or clean-up duty if asked. They frolic and play, enticing guests into games of fetch to encourage smiles and laughs; and as the day wears on, it’s not uncommon to see them shift gears and curl up on a chaise lounge to relax with a guest in the sun.  No, they are not supposed to jump on the furniture, but how can they disappoint a guest who needs them? They take their jobs very seriously.

The dogs tend to get much of the attention, just as the wranglers steal the show among staff. But the cats deserve respect, too. A mini army of Siamese fur balls patrols the outskirts of the Rancho day and night to make sure everything is in its proper place. The office kitty, Doris, keeps everyone in line (including the dogs) and has been known to willing accept hugs, provide sandpaper kisses, and cuddle with guests who need an extra dose of comfort.

The animal staff is incredibly important to the guests at the Rancho.  They listen without judgment, incite joy and love unconditionally.  They are waiting for your arrival, so make your plans to visit them today!

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