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*Dining at Rancho Las Cascadas is a pleasure. Every meal highlights garden fresh, local ingredients and many healthy choices often with a Mexican flair. Our chefs are imaginative and prepare a rich variety of dishes that are a healthy fusion of old and new that please the most sophisticated palettes. From our breakfast buffet to our delicious lunch fare right on to our four course dinners, you’ll find new ways to be tempted. Have restrictions? Not to worry! Talk to us!

The breakfasts at Las Cascadas Resort are a plentiful and delicious dining experience

Breakfast Buffet

*You arrive to a rich and varied breakfast that awaits you each morning. Served on the veranda, warmed by the morning sun we are ready to welcome you.

We serve it buffet style and offers a wide variety of choices. Choose from an array of freshly baked breads, to fresh fruits, yogurt and homemade granola.

You can also enjoy more traditional favorites, such as farm fresh eggs, steamed veggies and a Mexican special hot plate daily.

Lunches at Las Cascadas Resort are a delicious midday meal and delectable dining experience


*We serve lunch under the big oak tree out just past the pool. Out horseback riding? Your may be enjoying a picnic!

Our delicious mid-day meals always start off with homemade tortilla chips with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. They progress to a not-too-spicy Mexican main dish that’s sure to delight.

Have room for dessert? Got you covered!

There's a party atmosphere at the Las Cascadas Resort dinner table, every night another wonderful dining experience


*Every evening, we present a gourmet four-course dinner with wine in our welcoming, festive dining room.

You begin with freshly made soup or bisque. From there, you move on to an ever pleasing array of dishes that will often be a creative fusion of Mexican cuisine with other fresh fare. Have a special dietary requirement or limitation? We are happy to accommodate you!

Desserts are always delicious, imaginative and a delightful way to end another great meal..

Enjoy your meals together with the other guests in customary hacienda style. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast on the veranda overlooking the pool and on to the picturesque valley. Take lunch al fresco on our patio. Dine in the festive-styled dining room every evening. We are happy to cater to your special dietary requirements.