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Mexico amazes, let us show you how.

Effortlessly enjoy the very best central Mexico has to offer.

San Miguel de Allende

A Shopping, Dining, Gallery-Hopping Joy

*For the past few years, this historic colonial city has captivated international travel writers. And why not? San Miguel is an honest blend of genuine Mexican charm with inspired sophistication. You’ll discover this reflected by the wide range of cultural, shopping and dining opportunities. The centerpiece of this “magic town” is the  exquisitely crafted cathedral that anchors the west edge of the jardin (garden-park). Its towering pink spires and glorious interior inspire.  As the “Corozon de Mexico” (the heart of Mexico) this important and delightful place is must-see and a never-forget.

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The Colorful Cultural Blend of Tepotzotlan

Mexico delights with how various formative cultures are blended and intermingle to this day. In Tepotzotlán you will have a chance to witness what remains of the Mayan Otomi people as their ways are preserved through language, cuisine and culture. But you’ll also see how the Jesuits who came much later made their mark with the College of San Francisco which now houses the Museo del Virreinato. All of this wrapped by a modern Mexican medley of good cheer, must-try snacks and shopping experiences that help your social media posts write themselves!

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Jilotepec – An Insider’s Mexican Town

Sometimes people come all the way to Mexico and forget to take a look at the REAL Mexico. Let’s go to the Friday Market of Jilotepec. Sun filters through red, green, yellow and blue tarps and creates a candy colored shopping experience. Fruits and vegetables are carefully stacked by color, or size or whim. Spices are heaped beyond the brims of their tubs. Snacks, groceries, random machinery, live chickens, outfits, handicrafts, boots, belts, bras and everything else your heart desires can be haggled, snagged and bagged. Such fun!

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Teotihuacán – “The city of the gods”

Be changed by one of the world’s most magnificent archeological sites. Teotihuacán is filled with astonishing architectural accomplishments of ancient people. Let us take you to some of the largest pyramids in the world! These days, you don’t have to be a priest to make your way to the top of the Temple of the Sun and soak up solar energy from this amazing vantage point. Schedule a temezcal (Mayan steam bath) with us the day before or after you visit for a truly inspirational spiritual and cultural experience!

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Mexico City Tour

Mexico City – A city so big they made it a state!

It’s huge and feisty as well as sophisticated and playful. Discover some of the best shopping of your life. Have an unforgettable lunch at a four star restaurant at prices you can afford. Visit Frida Kahlo’s house (now a museum). See for yourself why international travelers proclaim Mexico City among the world’s top destinations for all manner of human pursuit. Look, 20 million people can’t be wrong. Let’s make a plan so you can come see for yourself!

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Tula de Allende

Tula, Giant Warriors & Charro Shopping

This outing combines a visit to Tula de Allende and later, a junket to shop for charro-wear. While not as large as Teotihuacán, the archeologic site of Tula has major significance as the central point of the Toltec empire. There, four warrior giants (Atlantes) silently stare ahead as they have through the millennia. Next we’ll pop into the modern day Tula for a wander. Then it’s off to decide if a traditional Mexican charro riding outfit is right for you! Don’t kid yourself, these clothes look sharp even without a horse!


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