The San Angel Market

Shopping the mercados (markets) in Mexico City offers a sumptuous feast for the senses. Vibrant colors dance across shirts, blankets, pottery, paintings and dolls’ dresses. One of the most famous craft markets is held in an upscale community called San Angel, which is in the southwestern part of the city. A group of artists first began to gather here in the 1960s and eventually their presence became known as the Mercado del Sabado or El Bazaar Sabado (Saturday market). As the name implies, it is held every Saturday.

A wide variety of art is displayed on the perimeter of a beautiful park, making it easy to see what each artist has on offer as you stroll by. Unlike markets in many other countries, the vendors are not overtly pushy and the prices are rather affordable. Music of the local musicians performing in the streets sets a wonderful mood; and food vendors and restaurants around the square fill the air with the wonderful aroma of traditional Mexican cuisine as well as modern favorites.

The pastel colors of the colonial era homes are beautiful, making a wandering walk through the cobble-stoned streets well worth the time. Many of the Rancho’s female guests are attracted to the beauty of the fuchsia-colored bougainvillea that spill over the walls and seem to wrap themselves around every corner. Male guests seem to appreciate all of the expensive sports cars of the wealthy residents that are parked up and down the streets!

So when you are at the Rancho and you need a break from riding to rest your bum, think about visiting the Saturday Market in San Angel. As always, the staff will make sure you have a fantastic experience!

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