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Spa Services Rancho Las Cascadas

A sanctuary for health and wellness that invites you to become lost in the moment. Allow your spirit and your body to come into better balance. Treat yourself to sessions designed to enhance your vitality, restore your spirit, and revitalize your natural beauty.

All SIGNATURE TREATMENTS below offered exclusively by RANCHO LAS CASCADAS WELLNESS and are available at extra charge

Swedish Massage

The perfect way to help you leave your cares behind and prepare for the rest of your stay with us.

This classic massage therapy helps calm and slow down the chatter of the mind. It enhances circulation,
improves muscle tone, relieves tension, and soothes tired muscles.

Of the massage types we offer, Swedish is is the lighter, gentler form.

Deep Tissue Massage

A thorough deep tissue therapy developed to ease stress, tension and strains by systematically working muscles to
release stuck energies, kinks and knots.

This massage style is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscular system.

Deep tissue work uses a variety of firm, direct strokes and techniques to loosen specific areas and increase circulation to keep muscles supple.

Mayan Massage

This traditional Mayan healing technique involves reading the body’s energy flow, noting blockages and working to open channels for healing. Key meridian points are rebalanced with massage.

This full-body treatment utilizes pure essential oils drawn from flowers, plants and herbs that are custom-blended here at Las Cascadas and applied with a soothing carrier oil to relax, calm, invigorate and balance. This is a truly special experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Feel the transforming forces of highly polished, round river stones that soothe muscles and extract negative energies during this relaxing and energizing massage. The Hot Stone Massage consists of alternating strokes with the hands and the stones, while stimulating the chakras (or energy points in the body) with more hot stones. The treatment is enhanced by candle light, mystical tribal music, and the faint scents of incense. A perfect treatment to enhance spiritual well-being and a deep sense of inner harmony.

Detox Bath

Very popular throughout Europe,balneotherapy is a refreshing experience of hydrotherapy, with a focus on an invigorating oxygen exfoliation that removes mature skin cells, leaving the body’s surface rejuvenated and refreshed. Designed to undo the damages caused by stress and help your body eliminate toxins from the skin.

A ‘breathe easy’ detox soak is followed with a full body hydration treatment. Schedule this bath in combination with one of our massage or other body treatments for an integrated and effective detox experience.


Not just a manicure!

This traditional nail service includes nail and cuticle maintenance, exfoliating scrub, lotion application and beautiful polished nails. To start, we apply a special hand treatment locally formulated with skin-softening lactic acid and lime. Then massage with a papayaenzyme mask infused with a potent dose of naturally occurring antioxidants. Works wonders on even the most challenged hands.

Holistic Facial

Designed to give all skin types exceptional revitalization. A blend of all-natural products hydrates the skin, helps correct existing environmental damage and stimulates your own appearance-enhancing collagen production.

We use a hand-made Mexican soap that sloughs off unwanted skin cells for a deep exfoliation experience. Followed by a Détox mask. Your session finishes up with all-natural hydration therapy carefully selected for your unique skin type.

Podal Reflexology

Foot zone therapy is based on the premise that energy flows through the body in meridians connecting all points from the brain to the feet. This practice of this art focuses on pressing and manipulating specific points on the feet to assess, adjust and work with overall well-being and calm. Reflexology assists the body in relaxing and helps generate a balanced flow of energy. Positive results are felt almost immediately.

Holistic Pedicure

Designed to bring tired and overworked feet back to life, this mineral foot soak prepares the feet for a stimulating scrub.

Nails are clipped, shaped buffed and polished.

The experience ends with a relaxing foot massage. Works wonders on even the most challenged feet.

Relieve Massage with Ventosa (Cupping)

This therapeutic and traditional massage melts away deep muscle and joint tension with a blend of virgin coconut oil and organic lemongrass essential oil.

Helps to ease stress, tension and stains by working to release tight muscles and soothing soreness. This is coupled with the use of lit candles in glass cups to release energy blockages from the body.

Avocado & Cucumber Wrap

Moisturize your body with this all green and all natural treatment. Our signature recipe of avocado and cucumber is made to hydrate the skin while receiving a slight exfoliation to rejuvenate the elasticity of the skin. Your experience will begin with a gentle massage. This increases the blood and lymphatic circulation in your body, stimulating the immune system and soothing sore muscles. The avocado and cucumber masque is then applied and warm covers are wrapped around your body. You’ll rest enveloped in this warm cocoon, a massage follows to the face, scalp and feet. A warm shower completes this treatment. Ahhhhhhhh……..

Bridal Services

Full pre-wedding bridal consultations – hair, makeup. Allow our salon team to plan and create your desired style. Day of bridal hair and makeup. Pre- and post-photo touch ups. Full manicure and pedicure services including gel polish.

Bridal party hair and makeup Men’s grooming services including facial care, hair and nails. Skin analysis and pre-wedding skin care treatments and routines.

Pre-wedding personal training and fitness programs. Pre-wedding relaxation massages and wedding guest specials.