Who Needs Electronics While At The Rancho?!!!

The Rancho is the perfect place to unplug from the everyday stress of life.  There is no bustling traffic and there are no deadlines. No crowds of people or daily chores. Only a beautiful resort, fabulous Mexican hospitality and a long list of relaxing activities from which to choose.

Many guests at the Rancho opt to leave their laptops and tablets at home and keep their cell phones turned off. While there is internet, the Rancho is located in rural Mexico where the speed and reliability of service offered in other countries may not be achievable.

There are no clocks or televisions in any of the gathering areas or guest rooms at the Rancho. The only clock to be found is in the kitchen where the staff uses it to make sure everyone is fed according to schedule. While this may stir a bit of panic, guests realize quite quickly that there is no need to worry about the time. The sun acts as a natural alarm clock and peaks through the windows every morning of the year by 7:00 am. Music begins to play in the main house by 7:30 am signaling coffee is ready and breakfast will be soon. Food is always available in overabundance about every six hours and the minutes in between can be filled with a variety of activities too enjoyable to rush through – no TV needed.

The most obvious pastime is the horseback riding. Guests can delight in anything from a short jaunt around the immediate area to an all-day expedition to one of the neighboring communities. For those who want to explore the “real”  Mexico, the Rancho arranges daily trips to see the archeological sites, colorful markets and colonial towns that make up this extraordinary country. Many guests pass the afternoon relaxing with fellow travelers from around the world in the beautifully-tended gardens, comfortable lounge, or well-stocked open bar with billiard table at the Rancho. Others soak up the sun poolside, relieve aches and pains in the Jacuzzi or hot tub, or enjoy a rejuvenating massage or facial.

The Rancho also has mountain bikes guests can use to roam the neighborhood. The small pueblo of San Agustin is just a short walk away (about 1.5 miles) where one can unwind in the park with a refreshing beverage from the local tienda. And those who love the water can take a dip in the stream down the road or get a close-up look at the waterfalls behind the Rancho.

As night falls, dinner is served. How nice not to worry about cooking or cleaning!  Guests can get lost in conversation for hours as they finish their meal and drift into the bar for an after-dinner drink. Some sit on the back patio to gaze at the stars that shine brightly without street lights to distract from their brilliance. Others visit the horses, whose eyes glow in the dark and whose incredibly loud chewing is oddly peaceful. And a large contingent of guests are so worn out from the day’s adventures that they can’t wait to get to their rooms to read a good book or simply jump into the absurdly comfortable bed to fall fast asleep.

So if you need to unwind, even if only for a few days, visit us at the Rancho. We can’t wait to help you unplug!

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