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Wellness Activities

Wellness activities at Rancho Las Cascadas Resort in Mexico can range from exploring culture and nature, to finding serenity, and accepting new challenges and support in an inspirational setting. All the activities mentioned below are in included in your wellness package here at the resort. You may even choose to join in a ride instead…Check out our riding packages!

Take us up on all we have to offer!


We have different Yoga Teachers from all over the world at any given time, apart from our in house instructors.

Daily schedule available at the resort. Check our Retreats page for special sessions.

Aquatic Activities

Participate in different activities in our solar heated pool… get going with Water Aerobics or Open Lap Swim.

Consult on site program for the latest happenings.


Participate in guided meditation sessions or enjoy any of the serenely situated sitting areas around the resort for self meditation.

One suggestion?  The ‘Guardian of the Waterfalls’, a gorgeous wide branching tree, ages old, by the cascades.

Dance: Hot Latin Cardio

Join in the Salsa or Merengue dance activities…

What is the best to get your heart rate up and your body moving? – You are right, dance, dance, dance!


An all time best for your body…

Guided sessions teach you how to stretch for performance and how to attain a mindfulness of your body emphasizing flexibility as it relates to proper body mechanics…

Foam Roll Release

Foam rolling classes teach a form of myofascial release that you then can also do on your own, using a roller to release muscular tension from main trigger points. An effective means towards achieving the release of muscular stress.

Guided Hikes

Let the fresh air invigorate you and join us…

See our daily activity schedule. You may also choose to go hiking on your own, we have maps. There are many scenic hikes to be discovered around the resort.

Fitness Room

Guests may exercise with the available equipment i.e. Weight-Lifting, Cycling, Tread Mill and Biking.

Open 24 hours a day.

Coming Soon Feb 2018…

Mountain Biking

No, you haven’t forgotten how to ride! Get back on a bike…

Rivers to cross, mountains to climb and lots of open sky country. Join one of the group outings or go on your own with some suggestions by us.