Summer Special 2018

Book your 2018 summer vacation now at Rancho Las Cascadas and receive $100 USD off the normal a-la-carte riding overnight rate. Enjoy a standard room, all meals, afternoon tea, drinks (open bar at the Rancho), unlimited horseback riding, wellness activities and full use of the Ranch facilities - all included - for the low price of $189 USD per person per night (instead of ...

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The Best Yoga Apps of 2018 – Prepare For Your Visit!

Best Yoga Apps of 2018 - Who Cares? Fitness enthusiasts do! We here at Rancho Las Cascadas are excited to help our visitors prepare for your visit by helping you choose from the best yoga apps of 2018. We have created new opportunities for wellness during your stay with us. Our yoga sessions are among ...

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How Do You Have A Wedding In Mexico?

How Do You Have A Wedding In Mexico? "How do you have a wedding in Mexico" is one of our favorite questions. Sometimes guests of Rancho las Cascadas ask us while they're visiting and sometimes we hear it from web site visitors. Well, actually how you have a wedding in Mexico depends on the sort ...

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The Intuitive Magic of Horses

The Intuitive Magic of Horses The intuitive magic of horses is something that gets eluded to, but generally left unsaid, in the discussions held by equine assisted learning practitioners. Why? Because using the word 'magic' doesn't seem like it reflects a high level of professionalism. Yet so much of what horses bring into the corral ...

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Christmas Traditions In Mexico

Christmas Traditions In mexico Christmas traditions in Mexico are full of reverence and delight. They also highlight family and community through many fun filled and reverential gatherings. Most of all, they are especially fun for the children! As an integrated culture, Mexicans are particularly adept at combining aspects of various traditions into vibrant celebrations. December ...

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Creative Writing Retreat Success 2017

Creative Writing Success! From 14th- 21st October, we ran our second Creative Writing Retreat at Rancho Las Cascadas. And what a wonderful, inspiring and generative week we had! Together, Melvin Burgess and I (Lucy Christopher) tutored students individually on their work-in-progress.We also provided workshops on getting started, story structure, plot, editing, and setting.among other topics.  ...

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Earthquakes In Mexico: What, Why and Your Visit!

More Earthquakes in Mexico September 19, 2017 Yesterday more earthquakes in Mexico rocked the central state of Puebla and part of the nation's capital, Mexico City.  The largest of the day occurred just after lunch local time. Close to Puebla it registered a magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale. Seismologist John Vidale, director of ...

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Chavela Vargas – A Trail Blazing Woman of Mexico

Chavela Vargas: A Colorful Character - Even by Mexican Standards! Chavela and Frida circa 1937. Photographer unknown. Chavela Vargas: you may be familiar or completely unaware of the name or the person. Her character remains one of the most colourful ever to have taken residence in Mexico. This is her story. Born ...

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